Playable characters Edit

Name Universe
Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz Phineas and Ferb
Perry the Platypus Phineas and Ferb
Sheldon Cooper The Big Bang Theory
Yzma Disney
CD-I Zelda The Legend of Zelda
Captain N Captain N: The Game Master
Worst Hercules Dingo Pictures
Toon Guybrush Monkey Island
Elsa Disney
Timmy's Dad The Fairly Odd Parents
Dipper Pines Gravity Falls
60's Spider-Man Spider-Man
John Di Micco The John Show
asdfguy asdfmovie
Jade Harley Homestuck
Best Waluigi Brawl in the Family
Toon DK Donkey Kong
Star ButterflyStar vs. the Forces of Evil
Vince Offer Slap Chop
60's Batman Batman
Samuel L. Jackson Actor

Unconfirmed characters Edit

Name Universe
Chowder Chowder
The Penguins Madagascar
Nostalgia Chick That Guy with the Glasses
Toon Gandalf The Lord of the Rings
Toon K. Rool Donkey Kong
Chad Vader Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager
Reddy Nostalgia Skapokon
Worm Worm
Z Antz
Flick A Bug's Life
Link Nukem Achille12345
Irene The Looking Glass
El Rubius Youtube
Vanellope Wreck-It Ralph
Stickman Stickman Cracks Up
Pistaccio The Master of Disguise

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