Taunts are actions that characters can preform to..well...taunt their opponents. In the canon Smash Bros. series, all characters have 3 taunts: Up Taunt, Down Taunt, and Side Taunt. Here is a list of the taunts from characters in Lawl Nova

Characters Up Taunt Side Taunt Down


Dr. Heinz Doofensmirtz "Oh I get it. *sarcastically* Hardy har har." "Imagine all the evil uses that has Zinc!" *laughs*
Sheldon Cooper "BAZINGA!" "I'm Batman. Shhh!" "It's a trap!"
CD-I Zelda "Really?" "Stop looking at yourself!" "You've got to be kidding!"
Yzma (with Kronk) *Yzma and Kronk high-five each other* (without Kronk) "And I bet you weren't expecting this!" "Brilliant!" *laughs*
Worst Hercules "I'm Hercules. Sovereign of all the Greeks and Inmortal Being" *laughs* "Don't make me laugh" *sits down*
Captain N *twirls his Zapper* "This is way cool!" *strikes a pose* *turns into a glowing orb, then turns back into himself*
Toon Guybrush "Woohoo!" "Blah, blah, boring talk." "I'm a very mean pirate"
Elsa "You should probably go." "Let it go!~" "What have I done?"
Timmy's Dad "My name is Timmy's Dad!" "DINKLEBERG!" *makes some dolphin noises*
Dipper Pines "I"m Dipper! I have shorts and determination!" *plays the tuba* *scribbles on a paper that is attached to his clipboard*
60's Spider-Man "This is me, giving a f*ck!" "How do I shoot web?" *lays down* "Hey."
John Di Micco *does a derp face* "Not cool." *drinks beer* *vomits* (which also deals 10% damage to John)
Asdfguy *a parking meter appears* "Hello Parking Meter." Parking Meter: "Hello!" *baby sounds* *laughs* "I can't read."
Perry The Platypus *does some martial arts poses* *streches his arm, bends his knee, and does a menacing pose* *platypus noise*
Jade Harley *plays her flute* *receives a lot of Pesterchum messages* *sleeps* (this taunt is infinite, but can be canceled.)
Best Waluigi "Purple is a color." "Too bad! WALUIGI TIME!" "TERRIBLE."
Toon DK "Ready for round 2?" *looks at a banana* "OH, BANANA" *sits down* "Wait..."
Star Butterfly *dresses up in Marco's clothing and does a jig* "Hey, I'm Marco!" *listens to Marco's ironic ringtone* *turns her horns into cacti* (which can be turned back into horns by pressing Down Taunt again)
Vince Offer (English) "You're gonna love my nuts." (Spanish) "Mira mi huevo." ("Look at my egg.") (English) "You'll be saying 'WOW' every time." (Spanish) "Estaras diciendo 'WOW'" (You'll be saying 'WOW'") (English) "Stop having a boring tuna. Stop having a boring life." (Spanish) "No mas atun aburrido!" ("No more boring tuna!")
60's Batman "Precisely." "You fiendish devil!" *Robin says one of his many holy lines*

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